Many travelers, discovering Río San Juan, fall in love at first sight. This is our case. When we came for the first time in 2014, we did not really know where we put the feet. Very little information in the guides and on the web, except a musical video (prod: J. Ferreira) which had aroused our curiosity.

Río San Juan charmed us. A small town attitudinizing as a fishing village, with a quiet and  family atmosphere, but also so alive, boarded by sumptuous landscapes and heavenly beaches. Far from the resorts and other corners altered by the mass tourism, Río San Juan seems a very well-kept secret.

At the end of 2015, we are back to learn more… To discover Río San Juan, we get lost in its streets, meet its people, listen to the Dominicans, foreigners expats and tourists tell us their experiences and impressions.

Soon is born the idea of creating these pages, to share our enthusiasm and curiosity, of course, but above all to highlight Río San Juan, its culture, its singularity, its many resources. We present it just as we see it, as we like it : that’s the story of the name, « Mi Río San Juan » meaning « my Río San Juan » in spanish.

Mi Río San Juan is a triple-faced website:

– It gives to discover the village of Río San Juan through chronicles, informative or fictional, about its culture, its people, its daily life;

– It offers a guide with basic practical informations regarding the local life (shops, schools, sports clubs, etc.) and touristic services (hotels, restaurants, activities …). When it’s possible, we link the sites to enable you to deepen your information;

– It presents the project of social, cultural and touristic Center Mi Río San Juan, which takes place in the public library to suggest activities, events and services with a double goal : on one hand, to value the town and its culture, on the other hand, to democratize cultural practices and interactions, locally but also internationally.

About the pictures on this website : we tribute the artists who give or have given new colors to Río San Juan (especially the ArteSano Project crew – Website, Facebook – or the young local artist Catherine Acosta – Facebook). Some of their works are presented here as illustrations. The photos of the website are also protected by copyright : if you want to use them, please contact us.

Feel free to ask questions and send us your comments, ideas or news, on pages and in the Guestbook, or by e-mail.

Our Río San Juan is also yours …

We thank you for your visit !